Opinion Pieces

September 6, 2019

Press Statement by the Defunct National Revenue Authority (NRA) Board

Setting records straight 06/09/2019 Juba Monitor We the members of the defunct NRA Board of Directors wish to express our gratitude to the President and the entire government for the opportunity to serve as the founding Board of NRA. We have served our country with honor and dignity and as a team, we have been

June 9, 2019

The Death Squads in South Sudan

7 May 2019 By Hilde F. Johnson* Developments in Sudan are making us all hold our breaths, as we wonder whether paramilitary forces with a past in Janjaweed’s killing operations, will carry the day, and continue the terror we witnessed lately; or whether transition towards civilian rule may still happen. The role of the Sudan

April 6, 2019

The Dinka ‘Berger-Theory Deniers’ Dilemma

5 April 2019 The whole Dinka-led, Berger-Theory denial social media campaign over the past few days, has become somewhat embarrassing to watch for most of us objective, non-Dinka, observers. It is arguably a whole new level of South Sudanese, pseudo-intellectual brinkmanship. A ‘Game of Thrones’ by that now well-known, and notorious, ’Loyal Battalion of Intellectuals

April 2, 2019

Truth hurts but it pays off:

Dr Luka Biong My interview with Jongkor went viral and created unprecedented debate in social media but importantly inside South Sudan. A friend of mine in Juba told me “with this interview you have committed political suicide as you have angered the overwhelming majority of Dinka”. Others and especially youth from various ethnic groups including