On President Kiir’s Day of Prayer, Church Leaders Demand Justice and Peace

Juba March 10 2017

Archbishop, Paolino Lukudu Loro, Archbishop of of Greater Equatoria attended the national day of prayers that was called by President Salva Kiir. The day according to the president will bring together all South Sudanese to ask God for forgiveness and open a new chapter.

The Archbishop addressed the president by calling for:

Peace, Justice, forgiveness, genuine dialogue, good governance. We expect them to happen after this prayer.

The Archbishop went on to say

Mr. President, we are telling you to take-heed, go into a room & pray for peace. Let us choose peace not evil.

I hope you called us in this heat because you want peace. After this prayer, is the government going to choose evil?

Raping, torture, arbitrary arrests, corruption, tribalism will continue if this prayer is misused.

The speech reflects the consistent message that the church has been making over the last three years. Including the statement that the bishop signed during the peace negotiations says that advances in the peace process 

“are difficult when there is a complete lack of trust between the parties, and when each is promoting its own interests. The church is trusted by the people of South Sudan and has no interests except those of the people, for peace and justice. We ourselves will create a forum to help the parties to build trust and to discover where compromises can be made.”