Secretive Luxembourg-based investment fund offers South Sudan $105 billion

President Salva Kiir has received an offer of  €105 billion for budget and project support from a Luxembourg-based investment fund. Ths comes after major donors refused to provide finacial support to Salva Kiir’s government following a UN investigative report that blames the President  for orchestrating the return to war.

Click to see t he funds letter to President Kiirand President Kiir’s letter of invitation

Rene A Cortez, the Director of Suiss Finance Luxembourg AG wrote a letter to President Kiir’s on December 6, offering a “range of financial aid instruments.” He is supported by a team that claims to be President Salva Kiir’s peace and security advisers, Kalisa Mohammed and Twinomuhwezi Henry Williams and Moses M. Engadu

South Sudan has been making rounds looking for deals to mortgage its natural resources for cash.