South Sudan Cannot Be Allowed to Collapse

By Andrew S. Natsios JAN. 20, 2017

Andrew S. Natsioswrites In a NYTimes Op-ed that South Sudan must not be allowed to collapse. The only way forward, according to Mr. Nasios is for new local actorsto broker a new political settlement, with outsiders acting as only supporting cast during the negotiations but guaranteeing its enforcement after it is signed.

Current leaders on all sides would have to be offered a graceful exit toward a foreign country and guarantees that they would not face criminal prosecution. An interim national government comprising leaders not involved in the crisis would have to be formed to allow for a cooling-off period.

The African Union’s mantra that African problems call for African solutionshas failed to resolve this crisis, IGAD negotiators basically moved around the deck chairs on a sinking ship by giving senior positions to the people who had triggered the conflict, and failed to impose penalties on anyone who violated the agreement. And enough with all the useless African Union and United Nations resolutions.

The new U.S. administration should promptly appoint a high-profile public figure as special envoy for South Sudan — to deliver a tough message: A zero-tolerance policy for atrocities committed by any side.

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Source NYTimes