UPDM urges active AU and UN role in pursuit of genuine peace in South Sudan.



on the Ongoing IGAD South Sudan Peace Process 

8 Jul 2018

Urging the AU and the UN to assume active role in pursuit of genuine peace in South Sudan.

The United Peoples Democratic Movement (UPDM), appreciates the ongoing efforts of the IGAD to bring about a genuine and sustainable peace to South Sudan. However, given the short remaining term of the incumbent Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) as was determined by the 2015 ARCSS’ provisions, and cognisant of the ongoing challenges facing IGAD’s mediation efforts to make South Sudan’s peace process fully-transparent, genuinely inclusive of South Sudanese Stakeholders’, and therefore sustainable. It is now critical to make the necessary adjustments in the ongoing negotiations and mediation process.

In this respect, UPDM welcomes the recent statement by the AU’s High-Level Ad-Hoc Committee for South Sudan made at at the recent AU Summit; declaring its willingness to engage more actively in support of the current IGAD peace process and its mediation efforts. 

UPDM urges the AU and the UN to now take a more active and visible role in support and pursuit of sustainable peace in South Sudan.

UPDM welcomed the direction from the African Union expressed by the AU’s Ad Hoc Committee for South Sudan and the concerns of the AU Chairman to do more. Hence we now call upon its urgent involvement and support within the South Sudan peace process at this critically important time in the current negotiations.

Taban Julu Lomuja
UPDM, Secretary General