Establishment of democracy in a federation or confederation of states in South Sudan, in which:

  1. The [People] are the source of legitimacy, power and authority for existence of the State and Government of the People, by the People and for the People.
  2. [Democracy] serves and provides the realization, existence and enjoyment by the people of their fundamental human, people’s and democratic rights, aspirations and values of justice, liberty, and equality.
  3. The People’s enjoyment of social, economic, cultural and political rights for self-determination are promoted and protected. 
  4. The [Economy], serves the interest of raising the standards of living for the population, and without poverty and inequality in the enjoyment of education, economic, social and cultural rights to development by the people.




  1. To be a people-centric movement in our political strategies; to inspire and bring about changes in our country which align with our peoples' aspirations. 
  2. Lead efforts to end dictatorship, corruption, impunity and the kleptocratic rule of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army through building legitimacy, authority, and power in the governance of the country by the people. 
  3. Lead and organize the grassroots political action; to promote an alternative provisional government of the United Peoples’ Democratic Movement and allied opposition groups to enable a democratic and inclusive people-centric process for determining the form of government and a permanent constitution for the country as a federation or confederation of states at national and regional levels. 
  4. Engage in genuine local, regional and international efforts and search for a sustainable peace; to reverse the deteriorating political, security and humanitarian situation in the country.
  5. To serve the interest and people of South Sudan in their quest for good democratic and accountable governance, and socio-economic prosperity of the country.