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Statement on Government Attacks on NAS Forces in Equatoria

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Uganda seizes 750 pieces of ivory being smuggled from South Sudan

Source: Aljazeera 31 Jan 2019 Ugandan tax authority estimates at least 325 elephants would have been killed to acquire the ivory. Ugandan authorities have seized 750 pieces of ivory and thousands of pangolin scales being smuggled from neighbouring South Sudan in one of the largest seizures of wildlife contraband in the East African country. The ivory Read More …

UPDM End of Year Open Letter to IGAD

24 December 2018 Download Message in PDF The on-going violations of the peace agreement have dampened expectations for what the New Year holds for the people and the country. Nevertheless, we appreciate the constructive approach that the international community has taken to end the crisis and critically, the recognition by the TROIKA that the revitalised Read More …

UPDM Calls Attention to the Continued Devastating Conflict in South Sudan Five Years Down the line And Appeals for Urgent Action.

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 17 December 2018 Download Press Release in PDF Today, the fifth anniversary of the senseless conflict in South Sudan, UPDM appeals to world leaders to stand up for the 7.1 million South Sudanese[1], mostly women and children, living under fear, despair and hopelessness. As the injustice, brutality and violence against Read More …

The Revitalized South Sudan Peace Agreement: A Peace Agreement or a Peace ‘Aggrievement’?

In December 2013 South Sudan’s perennial, cyclical and interlocking armed conflict resumed. This time, a number of unaddressed structural challenges and grievances triggered the war. There are primarily three factors responsible for the flare-up of the conflict. Download here: The Revitalized South Sudan Peace Agreement: A Peace Agreement or a Peace ‘Aggrievement’? First, the failed transition Read More …

SPLM Atrocities in Central State of Unity.

The Newsmakers Published on Sep 25, 2018 South Sudan’s army is being accused of having free reign to murder, rape and loot in the central state of Unity. In a new report, Amnesty International found South Sudan’s military forces systematically raped women, murdered civilians and carried out large-scale looting. Amnesty says war crimes are all Read More …

SSOA Gets Last-ditch Concessions and Assurances from Heads of States

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Statement Date: 6 August 2018 Yesterday, the delegation of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) taking part in the Khartoum Round of Facilitation of the Peace Process in South Sudan signed the Agreement on the Outstanding Issues on Governance. It behooves on us to inform our members and the public at Read More …

Machar at cross-roads, grappling with widely rejected Khartoum fiasco

By Deng Vanang Back on August 28th, 1991, Dr. Riek Machar was on all accounts a sensation and extremely celebrated towering figure, prodded to the fore of national geo-politics by popular yearn for a separate statehood John Garang trampled under feet. Proofing up the man further on high political rating to become father of self-determination Read More …

NAS Chairman Dismisses Khartoum Colluders from the Party

05/08/2018 The Leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) dismissed Maj. Gen. Julious Tabuley, Dr. Gasim Barnaba Kisanga, Gen. Khalid Butrous, Maj. Gen. Ali Kur, Brig. Nataniel Chol Gai and Brig. Gen. Michael Aywen.  Over the past one month, we have confirmed that the activities and ill intentions of these officers are inconsistent with the Read More …