A system Hijacked

South Sudan!! – a system hijacked by Lebanese cabals for selfish ends rather than the interest of the generality of the South Sudanese populace


By Samuel T. 

Juba November 2020. 

Being cognizant that, many institutions and apparatus of the state, as well as their operators, do not operate in a value-free setting to achieve what is accorded primacy as the interest of the generality of the people and failure to do just that or if they are not properly structured to reflect the common will or if leaders with decayed moral aptitude are entrusted to lead public institutions, it becomes inevitable that, a cabal may easily hijack such institutions or parastatal for selfish ends like it’s the case now in South Sudan how shadow players like the Lebanese controls both senior security and government officials.

Therefore, as the trend of their deceits, bribery, corruptions becomes persistent in those institutions and parastatal headed by corrupted officials, this poses even a greater threat of the national stability even worse than arm rebellions as the government cannot morally persuade the populace to become uncritical supporters of the government of the day, simply because of the self-centred or ruinous practices and misuses of public offices, citizens begin to view the government with a disdain which may at end encourage them to resort to disloyalty. 

Well, below are some of the ample examples of how consistently our national institutional goals are sacrificed for another by the cabals:- 

The National Security services and The national police services are seemingly no longer national but have reduced their works to protecting foreign agencies instead of protecting everyone in the country. Can you imagine, in the watch of these government officials living on our taxpayer’s money and revenue, the following Middle Eastern nationals bought South Sudanese passports and Nationality Identity cards with the help of senior government officials both in the security and public sectors whose jobs were to protect those institutions for such broad daylight irregularities? 

With their south Sudanese passports and national identification pocketed, these Lebanese are Currently being escorted by literally a cocktail of National security, National Police service and military police. At the same time, their senior leadership are paid handsomely by these cabals. 

Below are public servants are some of the key beneficiaries of the hijacked system by the Lebanese 

  1. Gen. Louis Natale, the deputy director-general of the national security services has been pocketing these bribes for years now, and he has been residing luxuriously in The crown hotel for the last six years and smoke his shisha with Lebanese nationals.
  2. Gen. Kuol Manyang through his self promoted Brig. Lebanese nationals manage civilian Deng Athoi.
  3. Dr. Riek Machar our second times first Vice President is served by an Iraqi fugitive married to Anna Kuma Hoth who is a close ally of Madam Hon. Angelina. The Iraqi supplied suits and electronics to Riek’s office paid for by Hon. Pout Kang, the minister of petroleum. 
  4. Tougic Ibrahim Majed Majed, ((Syrian) employee of ACFK construction.
  5. Ali Myree (Lebanese) owner of Crown Hotel and partner of Gen. Louise Natalie, the deputy director of ISB/NSS. He is the guy who was given the contract to build the Eagle House in Bilpam for whopping seventy (70) millions USD paid in crude oil. The man to mend the forged friendship took Hon. Kuol Manyang to Beirut to have his teeth fixed. 
  6. Baljinder Singh Nandhra (Indian) owner of Thongpiny Business Centre. He and another Iraqi kidnapped another Indian national back in 2013/14 and are currently parts of the key shadow players running by proxy our national institutions and parastatals.
  7. Jhad JJ Ghalayini wanted criminal accused of supplying weapons to Somalia and partner of the ministry of the interior during Gen. Aleu Ayeny. Was fraudulently awarded a contract to procure boats and special police vehicles which were never delivered to date. Currently, he lives in Uganda after taking over thirty-five ( $35) million USD belonging to police services allegedly for weapon purchase through Somalia.
  8. Hamzen Mohammad Ahmed (owner of Skyline construction company) he is also one of the many partners of Lt. Gen. Louise Natalie The Deputy Director-General of Internal Security NSS Bureau, they are surely The real unknown power in Blue House.
  9. Sbah Oglha Mohamed, (Iraqi fugitive) and owner of Moonlight Travel and partner of Hon. Puot Kang minister of Petroleum and also Hon. TutKew. The man is married to Ms. Ann Kuma Hoth, a former commissioner in DDR. He uses her to gain access to Dr. Riek Machar and other senior leaders to push their pecuniary interests by several means, and the examples are abundant. 

The South Sudan passport has somewhat been turned into just one of the commodity on sale by its issuing authorities besides other many others dirty deals whose details are scanty are the moment but will momentarily reach our the public in one way or the other… Thanks to the south Sudan social media mainstream, at least now we know of Lebanese south Sudanese. 

Though it is not a crime to have dual citizenship, there are ways these processes are conducted. But our case in Juba is hijacked and cannot follow due diligent. We have seen of cases where, foreigners have been granted passports because they repaired one of the ministers’ or officers’ private home, so Surely these are not credible process for granting someone citizenship. Those South Sudanese who have acquired the foreign passports knows this better. We have people who have been in Kenya for not less than 15 years and are now not even permanent residents. We have south Sudanese stuck in Lebanon as refugees for decades and have never been granted passport. So why are we giving passports to Lebanese nationals? A country which voted against the separation of South Sudan at the United Nations and has no known accredited ambassador to Juba. Where is the logic? 

Like it or not, if those with the powers and the constitutional mandates to cause change continues to play spectators roles, our press continues to be driven by political sensationalism, and our analyst apportions, blame before facts, our system will collapse and we shall all be responsible. 

I, with a clear conscience, have done my part.