December 24, 2016

Why Kenya must help establish peace and political stability in South Sudan

Hon. P. ANYANG’ NYONG’O Senator Kisumu County, Kenya Dec. 24, 2016, 12:00 am A few weeks ago I wrote an article in this column in which I called the world’s attention to what is currently happening in South Sudan. People are being killed without rhyme or reason; homes have been destroyed almost everywhere; gang raping ….

December 21, 2016

Season’s Revolutionary Greetings to All Freedoms Fighters!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba 24 December 2016 The privileged few who enjoy unlimited access to the world’s mainstream media will surely agree with me that there exists a huge disparity in the way this industry has over the years reported on the ongoing crisis in South Sudan as compared say to other hot spots like ….

December 21, 2016

South Sudan at a crossroads

Hon. TOBIAS ELLWOOD MP, Minister for Africa and the Middle East, UK 21 December 2016 An Op-ed by Tobias Ellwood, Minister for Africa and the Middle East, on the occasion of his visit to South Sudan In August 2015 I attended the signing of the peace agreement that we hoped would start to repair the ….

December 1, 2016

All Roads lead to: UN-Trusteeship

We fought the Arabs, were unable to defeat them as they were unable to defeat us. Both sides admitted a stalemate – demanding stepping out of the box of a military victory. Had all sides believed that military victory was within reach we would still be fighting without the CPA. We signed, and that allowed ….