The Dinka ‘Berger-Theory Deniers’ Dilemma

5 April 2019

The whole Dinka-led, Berger-Theory denial social media campaign over the past few days, has become somewhat embarrassing to watch for most of us objective, non-Dinka, observers. It is arguably a whole new level of South Sudanese, pseudo-intellectual brinkmanship. A ‘Game of Thrones’ by that now well-known, and notorious, ’Loyal Battalion of Intellectuals & Scholars’; which always aims to protect and defend the JCE-influenced, Kiir-Monarchy in South Sudan.

A well-remunerated, free-moving and free-talking, ’Loyal Battalion of Intellectuals & Scholars’, that has their bunkers both in South Sudan; and in NSS-approved commissions abroad in foreign lands.

Have any of the Dinka Berger-Theory Deniers, yet answered the very simple question that has been left unanswered in the minds of all patriotic and nationalistic South Sudanese for almost 14 years:

Were some Dinkas involved in the conspiracy that killed, and subsequently covered-up the killing of, the Late Chairman of the SPLM, the C-i-C of the SPLA, the President of Southern Sudan, the FVP of the Sudan, Dr. John Garang De Mabior – a man who was also a Dinka too like all of them?

Once the still-good & law-abiding Dinkas that now feel hurt and upset by Carol Berger’s recent Dinka Ethnocide theory have finally answered this important question which does still remain unanswered in South Sudan’s young history, and they have answered it honestly amongst themselves first before then sharing it with the rest of us non-Dinkas; then the non-Dinka South Sudanese and the foreigners who do still care about South Sudan and its good and still noble people, might begin to retake the Dinkas seriously once again, might start to listen to them once again, and might start respecting and trusting them all once again.

Because after all, many people both inside South Sudan and outside, would argue that that sudden and tragic death of Dr John Garang De Mabior in July 2005, is the main reason why, and how, South Sudan has ended up right where it is now – i.e. the foremost failed state with an alleged Ethnocide State-Building Project in full effect.

Right now as you rebuke, Berger-Theory Deniers of all tribes, how do you expect any other frightened non-Dinka tribe person to ever trust a tribe that has been primarily occupying all of the very top seats of political, military, and national security intelligence services’ power in Sudan and South Sudan since the very beginning in 2005?!

A Dinka-dominated occupancy, yet it has even been seen killing, persecuting and covering-up the maltreatment of its very own Dinka tribespeople; nevermind “the mal-treatment” of the other tribes?!

The fixed and long-standing voluntary and willful dereliction of taking personal responsibility for your very own tribe’s peoples’ wrongdoings as a Dinka, or the wrongdoings of any other tribe in South Sudan by its very own tribe’s people, no longer works to blindfold others. It is now seen as being dangerously and disingenuously conniving; and manipulatively cowardly too.

The “it is them and not us” excuses and cover-up narratives that are always rolled-out and championed by the regime insiders and their very ambitious aspirants have now reached a whole new level of callous insult upon one’s intelligence. It is no longer entertained by the vast majority of South Sudanese anywhere; including the relatively uneducated at the grassroots.

It seems that more revelations on what really happened on, before, and after that fateful night on the 30th July 2005, may well be revealed soon……

And why is that? Well because the Pandora’s Box of those real and existential threats to the life of an ordinary South Sudanese, was opened-up quite a long time ago. That’s why millions of non-Dinkas, and some good & law-abiding Dinkas too, have already voted with their feet; and still continue to do so. They have all opted to get away from the bad & lawless Dinkas that are institutionally-around in South Sudan.

Or was this all as Carol Berger, and some others too have alluded to before in the past, the real plan that was in the mind of those “Jieng” since before the 30th July 2005?!
A plan that was operationalized and protected by covering-up exactly what happened to that Ugandan Presidential Military Helicopter that was flying at night from Uganda to South Sudan; a cover-up after the 30th July 2005?!
And a plan that was fully accelerated into motion after the 9th July 2011 Independence?!

“How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”
Luke‬ 6:42‬

Rest In Eternal Peace, all of our fallen and tragically-taken martyrs of our decades of struggle for freedom and dignity.

A Luta Continua

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