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July 20, 2018

Khartoum/Kampala Mediation Fails People of South Sudan –  Seeks to Appease Perpetrators of the Conflict.

UNITED PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT Press Statement  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  20 July 2018 Download Statement in PDF UPDM is dismayed at this latest failed effort by the Heads of State of Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, to bring a political settlement to war-torn South Sudan, characterised by incapacity and conflict of interest at the expense of

July 13, 2018

UPDM Decries Unconstitutional Extension of Salva Kiir’s Government

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 13 July 2018 South Sudan’s transitional parliament has taken the unconstitutional step of extending Salva Kiir’s presidency, and their own legislatures’ tenures through to August 2021 without consulting the people. It comes in the wake of the 9th July 2018 UN Human Rights report, which documents the deliberate, ruthless and

July 8, 2018

UPDM urges active AU and UN role in pursuit of genuine peace in South Sudan.

THE UNITED PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT PUBLIC STATEMENT  on the Ongoing IGAD South Sudan Peace Process  8 Jul 2018 Urging the AU and the UN to assume active role in pursuit of genuine peace in South Sudan. The United Peoples Democratic Movement (UPDM), appreciates the ongoing efforts of the IGAD to bring about a genuine and

May 23, 2018

IGAD-Led Peace Talks On South Sudan Stalled Again: Why and What Next?

19 March 2018 Before the start of the IGAD-led HLRF to revive the failed 2015 peace agreement, four outcome scenarios were envisioned and the potential of each outcome to deliver sustainable peace and development in South Sudan. At the core is whether the Government is willing to create a level playing field by agreeing to